HR Look Up

At Izanami solutions our HR LOOKUP service is aimed at a large variety and wide range of clients. With significant cost and time saving, we are able to overcome issues relating to the status and identity of a mobile number/subscriber.

HR Look Up

This service can be extremely essential and necessary to sms aggregators, mobile operators/ enables, service providers, wireless application providers/ developers, marketers and any organization which needs to validate the identity of the mobile user in order to deliver secure services.

With this service you can discover the following information!

  • Which Mobile networks / Mobile operators a particular mobile number belongs to
  • Whether a mobile number is ported to another network or not
  • Whether a mobile number is switched on or disconnected
  • Whether a mobile number is in roaming status
  • Whether a mobile number can receive sms or experience a temporary problem
  • Which country a mobile number is registered in
  • Whether a mobile number is valid or invalid

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